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stop sudden cardiac arrest in its tracks

SCA is the #1 Killer in America. It's also the #1 killer of student-athletes.

Let's Act!


Back N Black

BackNBlack means "things are good now". The BNB vision is to eradicate Sudden Cardiac Arrest, especially with young athletes. This is done through:

  1. Proactive bystanders

  2. Calling 911

  3. Starting CPR

  4. Deployment of an AED


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my story

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Hidden signs of trouble

Little did I know while winning three Kansas state titles and most inspirational player my senior year that I had a congenital heart defect. Though I experienced numerous symptoms throughout my life, I wasn't diagnosed with CHD until I was 47 years old. I was so used to the symptoms that I just played on. I feel blessed something tragic didn't happen to me. Some are not so lucky!

A new beginning

May 28, 2019 was not only my 31st wedding anniversary, it was the day I had open-heart surgery to correct my congenital heart defect. Two days later my heart stopped beating 14 times. For some reason I made it through that grey day. I say grey because the world literally looked grey to me.


During recovery I began to research how I might return to running and my active lifestyle. It was through that research I began to see the devastation SCA was causing, particularly in young athletes. I had no idea SCA was such a killer. I felt compelled to act.



Youth Baseball Game

Nearly 1,000 people die every day from

Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Many are young athletes with undetected heart defects.

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